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Note: There is an application and acceptance fee of just ₦20,000 payable only if your scholarship application is accepted. If full scholarship application is unsuccessful and admission is granted, we may offer you a partial scholarship. Got Questions? [email protected] or Call 08182185275

Curious about what you will gain from this scholarship?

Mrs. Janet Basorun's Digital Mastery and Career Triumph with DM-WEEP Scholarship Program.

Mrs. Janet Basorun was able to scale her online brand, and also gained an in-depth knowledge of the digital space as a result of taking our course. One month after she completed the scholarship program, she was able to secure her good paying job and other freelancing gigs.

Temitope Omole Supercharged Her Agency with Website Development Mastery from DM-WEEP.

Meet Mrs. Temitope Omole who was able to scale her digital marketing agency by taking our course on website development and management through the DM-WEEP scholarship program. As a result of the knowledge she gained in the program, she can now handle client’s requests even in the absence of her developers.

With DMWEEP, I had the opportunity to apply for a job and was contacted 24 HOURS later

Angela Awua Imande was able to get her first job 24hr after applying for a job with her skills in web development, As a result of the knowledge she gained in the our scholarship program, she can now build her own website and make money while doing that on our own.

With my Abilities, I was Hired by a Company I had Applied to Before my Training at DMWEEP

Thanks to the invaluable training and support from DMWEEP, my abilities in web development were honed to perfection. The transformation was so significant that I applied to a company I had previously sought employment with, but this time armed with newfound skills. To my delight, I was not only considered but promptly hired. DMWEEP turned my aspirations into reality and push me into a career I had only dreamed of.

Mrs. Esther Opeyemi | Journey from Struggle to Triumph with the DM-WEEP Program

Mrs. Esther Opeyemi came across the DM-WEEP program at a low point of her life. She was able to get a well paying job and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the program at her place of work. One month after she completed the scholarship program and got certified, she was able to secure her good paying job and other freelancing gigs on her own.

I Got a Full time Remote Job Two Weeks After My Training at DM WEEP Mosiko Remilekun 1 Minute

Within two weeks of completing the program, Mosiko secured a full-time remote job. The rapidity of this achievement underscores the effectiveness of DMWEEP in not just imparting skills but in transforming lives and opening doors to immediate employment opportunities. Mosiko’s journey stands as a testament to the program’s impact and its ability to fast-track careers in the ever-evolving field of web development.

Mrs. Salako Victoria's Success Journey with DM-WEEP Scholarship

Mrs Salako Victoria is a beneficiary of the DM-WEEP scholarship and she is married with kids. The flexibility of the program enabled her to complete the course at a self pace, enabling her to effectively manage her family responsibilities, and with our support, the process was seamless. She has been able to get a good job and experienced a financial turnaround.

Fadekemi Adele | Inspiring Journey to becoming an SEO & Content writing specialist.

Miss Fadekemi Adele had initially faced difficulty in taking digital marketing training due to financial constraints but this was made possible as a result of the scholarship program. After a few days of successfully completing the program, she got a paying internship opportunity as an SEO & Content writing specialist, earning a decent income.

Peace Chinenye Obidike | Gets an international job.

Mrs. Peace successfully secures an international high paying job after taking the DM-WEEP training and obtaining our globally recognised certificate. I am thrilled to share my incredible journey with the DMWEEP scholarship, a transformative opportunity that has opened doors and shaped my professional future in ways I never imagined before.

I was Offered a Job and Called in for Interviews even before Finishing the Program | Anulika Nwaikwu

Anulika Nwaikwu’s journey with DMWEEP is nothing short of extraordinary. Even before completing the program, Anulika’s newly acquired skills in web development were so impressive that she not only secured a job offer but was also called in for interviews.

Aisha a nursing mother landed a job with a prominent real estate agency

Meet Aisha Alhassan,  a nursing mother who defied the odds and enrolled in our course. Despite her responsibilities, she successfully completed the training and landed a dual role as a Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager at a prominent real estate agency.

Miss Rufiat Bolaji | From Job Struggles to Entrepreneurial Success after taking the training.

She was faced with difficulties in getting a job but after taking our training and obtaining our globally recognized certificate, she was not just able to get a decent job but was also able to apply the knowledge she gained in boosting her entrepreneurial endeavors.