DM-WEEP Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a form of deferred tuition under which you agree to pay ₦25,000 of your post graduate salary until you payback the program tuition fees.

The ISA is capped at tuition fees of ₦100,000, so you’ll never pay more than that for any reason except payment default and other penalties. Once you complete the payment period or reach the payment cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us. Here’s how our income sharing agreement works:

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Once you start a job you will owe us ₦25,000  monthly for 4 months to completely pay back our tuition fee of ₦100,000.

For example: Our graduate making ₦1,200,000 a year would earn ₦100,000 a month and would pay us ₦25,000 each month for 4 months. You will not be required to make ISA payments during months in which you are out of job.


You will owe payments toward your ISA once you get a job, even if your title isn’t related to “Digital Marketing”.

You will owe payments towards any any type of job role especially, where your participation with us helped you get the job, even if it’s not directly associated with the program track you were in.

Whether you got the job through us or other means. 


You must continue to make monthly payments toward your ISA until one of the following happens: ​
By default all Income Sharing Agreements become due and payable after 6 months of signing this agreement unless proven that you are still unemployed after fulfilling the job guarantee obligation in our income share agreement.


You are responsible for the full amount of your ISA once you start the course and will be required to repay ₦25,000 out of your post graduation salary when you get a job until you pay the full tuition of ₦100,000.


Starting a new job you will be required to send to our ISA legal team, a payslip, or an employment letter from your employer, or a contractor agreement stating your income.

You must do this on a regular basis, no later than five days after starting your new job and every time your income increases or decreases

What options do I have if I experience financial hardship

Our ISA has built-in protection for financial hardship. Should you lose your job, your payments will automatically be paused after you’ve reported the change.

That said, we understand that unique and unforeseeable financial emergencies sometimes occur. In this situation please contact our ISA Legal Team to discuss available options rather than letting your account go into default. While we cannot guarantee your situation will qualify for any changes or deferment, we want you to know that we want the best for you and your family, and will do what we can to help in times of extreme financial hardship.