Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process​

To be considered, applicants must be a Young women between the age of 20 and 35, who: 

  • Is a Nigerian and currently Unemployed
  • Has access to a computer and WiFi.
  • Is Computer literate – comfortable with how a computer works.
  • Has Growth Potential – Possess a track record of exceptional personal, academic and professional performance.
  • Is  a fast learner with great learning and cognitive ability.
  • Has Gritty – Track record of solving problems.
  • Has Passion for Digital Marketing and determination to put in the hard-work to start a digital marketing career.
  • Has either a Higher National Diploma(HND), Bachelor’s degree, or Masters.
  • Is Willing and able to dedicate time to finish the course within deadline of 1 to 2 months and able to attend 80% support sessions according to the schedule as well as comfortable to ask for help when I need it.
  • Must have completed NYSC or have an Exemption Letter.
  • Agrees to give a video testimonial.

Go through the requirement, confirm that you can provide all the required information and documents and also be sure that you are qualified to apply. 

After doing this, you can head on to fill in your details in the application form and click submit. The team will get back to you.

As long as you finish the course and get the certificate, we will do everything we possibly can. Our team will work with you to prepare a resume with the portfolio from the assignments in the course, practice interviews, and even help you in salary negotiations.

After all this, you are responsible for your performance at the interview and your ability to land the job.

No, we don’t. Every student is charged with the responsibility of getting their individual computers with access to internet connection.

The Program

Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Program (DM-WEEP) is an intensive course that launches young women careers as a Digital Marketing Professional and you pay no tuition until you’re hired and making at least ₦960,000 per year. There’s no down payment.

We are investing in you by covering your tuition until you get a job to secure a better future and also provide job security for young women aged 20-35 through decent jobs in the new digital economy.

The program is online and so you can attend and be a participant from anywhere you are in Nigeria as long as you have access to internet connection and devices.

The learning experience at Digital Marketing Skill Institute is designed to provide individuals with digital marketing skills and knowledge to ensure they are employable. The learners handle live projects and get experience from these projects that would be used to build their portfolio to show their prospective employers or potential clients that they can achieve results with the knowledge they have.

When you’re selected, you will take a digital marketing course for two months with no upfront payment, upon successful completion of the course, we work with you to secure a job. When you get a job, you start paying us back from your income.

The Tuition Fees ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦250,000 depending on the course you pick and how you choose to pay for the course. 

No, you don’t need to have digital marketing knowledge before taking our course. You can be a beginner with no idea, no experience, no website. However, you need basic computer skill and knowledge.

Yes, you will be getting our internationally recognized digital marketing certificate. 

You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 3-5 hours every day. This is based on the time needed to complete the classes and submit your assignments on time within the course deadline.

Digital marketing operates solely online and the same thing applies to our course. You can register for the course from whatever location you are. Distance or location is not a barrier.

As part of the application process, you need a laptop that has a minimum of 4GB RAM and 500 HDD. You can use a laptop that has higher capacity than specified.


Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a form of deferred tuition under which you agree to pay a portion of your post salary until you payback the program tuition fees.

The ISA is capped at tuition fees, so you’ll never pay more than that for any reason.

Once you complete the payment period or reach the payment cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us. 

P.S. By default you are required to start repaying your ISA after 6 months of being accepted to the program as we expect you to have started a job and earning.

The digital marketing course cost is ₦250,000. The ISA payments are based on what you earn post-graduation and are capped at the tuition fees without interest.

There is no interest rate however, there are penalties for default in payment.

Your ISA repayment starts when you get a qualifying job post graduation.

The ISA agreement is a legal document and in the event that you decided not to provide the payment as at when due, legal actions will be taken against you. Breaching any clause in the ISA agreement therein is considered a crime and will be treated accordingly legally.

The Income Share Agreement requires you to report your job status and income to us at regular intervals – monthly.

Payments are collected on the first day of the month.

Eligibility is not determined on the basis of prior income, race, religion, or any protected class. As long as you are a young woman between the ages of 20 to 35 years and you are a Nigerian living within the borders of the country, you are eligible.

Yes, the goal of the program is to get young women to be gainfully employed, so you will still get matched with prospective employers and potential clients.

To enroll, you’ll sign an Enrollment Agreement that lays out the basics of the program you’ll take as well as key items to know. If you elect the ISA option, you’ll also sign an Income Sharing Agreement contract prior to starting the program. 

“Qualified Position” means work as an employee, independent contractor, or business owner in a field related to, or position requiring knowledge of, one or more of skills gained in the program and any other field or position for which you would not have been qualified, or not have been considered or promoted into, but for your participation in this program or our job matching efforts.

Once you signs the ISA financing agreement, it is a live contract. Per the terms of the contract, there is a window of time during which payments may be owed.